[FOR HIRE] English to French translation, French documents proofreading/upgrading with proper words, transcription and closed-captions (if you provide CC software) of audio-video files in French – full confidentiality, NDA possible – 9 years full-time French closed-captions writer before COVID

hello! it’s pretty much all in the title – I wrote and reviewed between 25 and 30 million words during my time as a French closed-captions writer

competitive prices and rapid response

proofreading :

above 10 000 words, 0,01$ per word – below 10 000 words, 0,015$ per word

translation :

above 10 000 words, 0,08$ per word – below 10 000 words, 0,12$ per word

technical/medical/requiring lots of research :

above 10 000 words, 0,14$ per word – below 10 000 words, 0,20$ per word

transcription/CC work :

to be discussed, lots of variables – rush service possible … I can get a hour long “training video” transcribed and proofread in about 4 hours … say 6 hours notice to deadline

proofreading of text documents come with suggestions (written in red) for better words, i.e. “Bob brings X” could be “Bob apporte X” or “Bob amène X” … small differences depending on context – you choose if you change it or keep it as you originally wrote it

transcription of audio files and CC work is verbatim

I will gladly review/proofread your college essays and stuff, but I’m not writing them for you

contact me for a quote! thank you, happy holidays!

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