[For Hire] Looking for huge prints of artwork, photography or a custom design? I can help!

Looking for a large canvas, vinyl, photo print or stickers to promote your business? This guy with a 6 ft wide printer can help! Whether you’re needing to print a family photo, small business design, or custom artwork; I can receive, review, and print your artwork within a matter of MINUTES and have it mailed off ASAP!

I have rolled Canvas, Vinyl, and Photo Paper available. You can add a Matte Laminate(Scratch resistant) or Glitter Laminate (Shown in imgur photo) to seal your artwork/design. I also have vehicle vinyl and window mesh if you are looking to promote your small business.

Got an idea but not sure what to get? Drop a comment or message and I’ll help you out as best I can!

Pricing is as follows (you can also request a custom size):

Material Size Price Lam. Add On
Vehicle Vinyl By the sq. ft. $10/sq ft. Inc. in price
Window Mesh By the sq. ft. $10/sq ft. Inc. in price
Vinyl 16×24 $16 $2
Vinyl 20×30 $25 $4
Vinyl 24×36 $40 $6
PhotoPaper 16×24 $11 $2
PhotoPaper 20×30 $18 $4
PhotoPaper 24×36 $24 $6
PhotoPaper 30×40 $35 N/A
Canvas 16×24 $22 N/A
Canvas 20×30 $34 N/A
Canvas 24×36 $45 N/A
Canvas 30×40 $68 N/A

The first imgur link has a photo of my printer ready to go with vinyl, glitter laminate for reference, and my assistant. The other imgur link is an example of a vinyl print I did a few days ago.

https://imgur.com/a/4RdQUVb https://imgur.com/a/MsxjEwO

I’ll be sure to show you your prints before shipping out to ensure you’re happy with your purchase!

Shipping via USPS 36in mail tube is $9. Buying multiple prints does NOT increase the cost of shipping if it fits in the same shipping tube.

I have a couple of trades on reddit and I also have an ebay store with over 30 positive feedback. I accept zelle, paypal, or crypto currency.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!

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