[For Hire] Python developer with experience in APIs, automation, and web scraping.

Hey there, I’m Polar. I’m a software developer with around two years of experience and have worked with a handful of clients. I’ve created bridges between platforms like Twitch and Discord, web scrapers to scrape data from websites, and then export said data into a .CSV file to be opened in excel or into a google sheet rather than having people spend several days of manual labor exporting all the information. I also have experience with a handful of APIs and can learn relatively quickly. More of my works can be located in my portfolio and at the bottom of the post.

APIs I have experience with include: Discord, Google Sheets, Telegram, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

My rate is $20 per hour of work; the price can be negotiated if I feel the project is small enough. I only accept payment through PayPal.

Feel free to take a look at my portfolio and website and contact me by PMing me here on Reddit or sending me a message on Discord at the account Polar#6680.

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