[Hiring] (Online) Animate my image in after effects

Hi I’m looking for someone who can create an animated video from a still image that I provide. I want my image to move like a kaleidoscope eg rotate, scale change, mirror, etc. Please create it in after effects and save as a .aep file (so it can be edited) and both a .mov and .mp4 file too.

Other requirements:
2 minute duration
Able to be looped (first and last frame match)
No music/audio
Fully completed and delivered within 24 hours (strict deadline)

I’d like to be able to consult with you and make changes during the process. I’d like to hire someone who doesn’t mind sending progress updates/files.

It’s not essential, but if you can record your screen while making it, that would be a big help for me to learn in the future.

My budget is approx $50 usd (paypal)
If you have a portfolio/example video please include a link in your message. Please make your subject ‘rainbow’ so I know you read everything.


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