[Hiring] (Remote) React / React Native or Full Stack C# Developers


We have some very exciting and new opportunities going on at Razor Sharp Consulting and we are currently looking to further staff out our team. Razor Sharp is a fast paced software services company offering very high quality software engineered solutions to our clients. We work on projects ranging from small single developer applications to large scale enterprise integrations.

React / React Native Must Haves

  • 3 Years React / React Native Experience
  • 3 Years Redux experience
  • Knowledge of redux-logic, immer, expo, or amplify-cli
  • AWS Serverless experience

C# Full Stack Developer Must Haves

  • 3+ Years MVP / Entity Framework
  • 3+ Years Traditional razor rendered pages
  • 3+ Years Relational Database (MSSQL)
  • preference given if demonstrated Azure experience

We are only looking for applicants from North America. If you are from Europe or outside of North America, please do not waste either of our time.

Application Process

  1. Initial Phone / Video Interview
  2. Programming Test (2-3 hours)
  3. Review Programming Test
  4. Offer
  5. Start

We are looking to fill contract positions and will pay in either CAD or USD depending upon where our applicant is from. Our budget ranges from $25/hr to $75/hr paid via EFT, or by cheque mailed. Help required for a minimum of 8 weeks.

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