Should I create a Course Catalog Web Service.

Good afternoon everyone, I will try to keep this post short , but I want to make sure it is thorough so that it makes sense. I am building an android development app and the app needs to connect a web service. The idea that I thought would be easy to execute, is a student would be able to login, then select their major the app would then collect their completed classes and then output the remaining classes that they have left to graduate along with the term available. Very simple and useful idea I thought, until the professor pointed out, that my app was too specific and their was not a free web service that would do that. Unless I created one. I have no idea where to start and when I started to do research i started to see the lines blurred a little bit with an API and a Webservice. That's the background. The questions I could come up with are, where should I start? Is there a good resource like AWS that would help automate this? Could I make the web service generic enough to allow others to put their school data in and it would still work? Anyways I've been given the option to change my idea to something more simple. But I think it would make a great project to put into my portfolio, since I am graduating at the end of this semester. Thank for taking the time to read this extraordinary long post. I am open to tweaking the project to utilize a free webservice that is more available. 

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