[For Hire] Photoshop|Spanish Translator looking for work

I’ve been doing photoshop for well over a two years, and can do almost any task you throw at me with professional level quality!

| Photo restoration | Colorization | removing/adding something/someone to your photo | background removal | face swap | fixing up the photo (for example someones not looking into thr camera etc | touch up to make your photos look professional | and anything inbetween.

Since photoshopping is task/job that is most of the time only needed a couple times, rather than an hourly pay i use a different paying system, if you can call it that.

In relation to translations, I can help you in what would be grammar, as well as the accent or things like the past, the present and the future in the Spanish language

So if you want my service, send me a private message with what you want me to do, I will leave my prices below, I can send you my portfolio too.

Photoshop Service : 45-30$

Logo: 100$ ( You will have to explain to me what your logo represents, some kind of figure and I will do the rest)

Spanish Translator: 15$

Paypal Only

Contact: private message

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