Need a coder/programmer consult [Hiring]

DISCLAIMER: I know absolutely nothing about the subjects of coding and/or programming. I have a concept, and would like to know how difficult it would be to manage before hiring someone to do the programming.

The part that I need help with is a real-time graph that could increase the value of units as fewer became available (think identically to the way a stock chart works, but without the selling function, so it would only be able to increase price per unit or stay the same).

My concern, as someone who doesn’t know anything about programming, is being able to reduce latency to a negligible level while also handling traffic of up to tens of thousands of transactions at any given time. Those transactions must, after all, be handled in the order they were placed, because price per unit is increasing per the amount of units that were purchased prior. (Those in line must get the price according to their place in line)

Edit: My budget will depend on how much work you believe this requires.

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