[For hire] I automate tedious and repetitive office tasks (Excel, databases, corporate portals, web forms, QuickBooks, Xero). Python apps. From $100

Hi, I make python scripts to automate tedious and repetitive tasks on your computer, high-volume operations, time-consuming work with documents, etc.


  • fill in forms in your corporate portal based on the data from Excel, a bunch of PDFs, etc.
  • generate reports in your corporate design based on the info from any database, your corporate portal, Trello, Jira, other Excel or CSV file
  • pull data from your accounting system (QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, etc.), fill it in the tax portal of your state or email the data to your clients in a specific format
  • check the status of 5000 invoices from your Excel spreadsheet on the SAP portal of your client
  • review a long Excel file with customers and send personalized email to each of them with custom text (reminders, follow up, etc.)
  • on your company’s web portal, fill in and submit invoices you received as PDFs by email
  • check the data in the incoming documents, invoices, applications (calculations of sums, check the address, correct bank account credentials) and sort them by folders, create an Excel register with key data items from them

Basically, almost any task can be automated. If you do it repetitively and spend a lot of time on it, it should be automated.

If you are a business owner, I suggest starting with me interviewing your employees to identify elements of work that should be automated. I’ll present you with a report outlining potential time savings, cost & time of implementation for each of them.

It usually takes a week or less to complete the tasks in the examples above.

DM me or email at [babanov.d.e@gmail.com](mailto:babanov.d.e@gmail.com) or text me on Discord dmitry#0168

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