[Hiring] Video Content Creators for new Youtube Channel How-To Videos (No post-production necessary)


I am looking for some great video content makers to share their tips, tricks, tutorials, and how-tos on their passions in life. Might you be whom I am looking for? I would like to pay you $50 per video (No editing required).


-Pick something you really love doing and know how to do well. This could be crochet, cooking/baking, carpentry, sewing, beauty, fashion, music, art, coding- ANYTHING that puts a smile on your face while you’re doing it.

-Film yourself doing a tutorial, tips, tricks, etc., in a simple straightforward fashion using an easy-to-follow formula. Please be as clear and in-depth as possible. Please be sure you have a decent recording device and adequate lighting. I am trying to keep these videos 5 minutes in duration, so don’t feel the need to film more than 30 minutes in total unless it’s necessary.

-Return your footage for review. Please be available for any elaborative re-recording if necessary. No post-production or editing is necessary. Just turn in your footage, images, and audio files and I’ll take it from there.

This will likely be a one-time project, but if you’ve got multiple hobbies or passions, I’d love to speak with you about possibly continuing if your video does well!

Please reach out to me here, or at [readysetdotutorials@gmail.com](mailto:readysetdotutorials@gmail.com). Thanks!

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