Recommend Platforms for Creating a Leaderboard Website?

I want to create a leaderboards site similar to, i.e. arbitrary number of games with arbitrary number of categories, have user accounts and roles such as moderator, ability to have user submissions through web interface, add games/categories/etc and approve/deny submissions through web interface, etc.

Obviously I’m planning to start at a small scale but the ability to painlessly scale up would be nice, so I assume hosting the site and database on something like AWS would be optimal. I’m not very familiar with all that AWS has to offer and how to use it, though. I’m a software engineer, but I’ve avoided extensive web development thus far.

What all platforms/technologies should I be looking into to produce and host such a site?

I’m looking for the path of least resistance – I care less about power and customization as opposed to getting a relatively polished “finished” product as quickly and painlessly as possible. I realize this is a rather complex web development project, so the more that’s handled for me from the get-go the better. If there’s any sort of applicable jumping-off point shortcut I can take (e.g. phpBB for making forums back in the day), I’d be very interested in that, although I’m perfectly capable of some coding and website building as necessary.


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