Web interface for MySQL DB

Dear guys,

I hope I donיt break the rules of this community with this post. Please, forgive me in advance.

I’m not a DBA, system admin or developer. I’m working in small company and just looking for ways to make my job easier. I need to write down a lot of data every day, It is a lot of handwritten documents, so I’ve created a virtual server on Ubuntu 18.4 and installed MySQL DB with PHPMyAdmin (becouse it is free and my boss prefers that I continue to fill out the forms manually). But now I need to give access to data to other employees, which get difficulties to use PHPMyAdmin. I need to create a simple web interface with forms (and forms with tabs etc, like in the attached picture) for my DB. Probably, I can learn from scratch how to do it. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of time and I don’t have extra time for this. But I’m very good in “reverse engineering” and I’m a fast learner. If I will see a sample code, I can understand it and match it for my needs.

I’m not “begging” for someone to write the whole interface for me for free. I just need a few samples. I’m strongly believing that all work must be paid. I suggest exchanging someone else’s knowledge for my “knowledge”: I’m pretty good in crocheting and knitting. I need:

  1. Sample of code how to insert new record to a table.
  2. Sample of code how to show existing record in a table.
  3. Sample of code how to edit existing record in a table, according to user role.
  4. Explanation how to upload the interface to the web.

Instead of this help I gladly will sent a knitted hat/ hats, scarf/ scarfs or mittens. Or any other crochet or knitted stuff from my site 🙂

Thank you in advance for or any help, advice and guidance.


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