When we first met Susan, she had taken a few Community College courses and she knew HTML. Susan had been through a few WordPress projects, and she liked the way things worked.

Since coming on board, Susan has worked on many projects and had a lot of success. She is an amazing writer, and she knows how to follow a project schedule. She is great to work with.

When Susan has the chance, she plans on visit Hawaii and see the beautiful beaches and wildlife. We hope that the travel restrictions aren’t going to be a problem.


The founder of our company, Aaron had worked as a full-time developer for 20 years. His prior experience was mainly in the database realm, and he was the primary developer and Systems Administrator in lots of medium and challenging projects.

Aaron has built 40 WordPress websites since 2013 when he fell in love with the platform. He works with Virtual Machines, python and likes to write screen-scraping tools. Many times the complexity of using mySQL allows Aaron to do things that would normally require a plugin to do. We are always careful and methodical, and we know that being able to do more with Data allows some neat options for migrations and other projects.


Rick is our newest hire, and he recently graduated from college with a 4 year degree in Communications. When he was studying he learned about HTML, and took a few classes that have helped a lot.

Rick works as our Project Manager, Scrum Master and writes content at a very high level. When things get to be difficult, we can all get together and talk about resolutions. The ability for a small team to accomplish great things is tantamount to being able to write and speak in consistent and regular intervals.

When we start a project, we have many checklists that we start using to monitor our progress. Being able to use these checklists is important and allows us to make sure that everything is accomplished on time.