Could use some help with this question I was given through an assignment where I need to “star out” a grid when given one.

Have the question posted on stackoverflow here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66499969/star-out-a-grid-function-when-given-a-nxm-grid-returns-grid-with-cells-in-a-c Any help is appreciated. Pretty new to programming so I don’t know exactly where I’m going with the function I have written out already lol submitted by /u/RylandInTheSun [link] [comments]

order of execution ?

Hello , Pls , What is the order of execution in code below . const wait = time => new Promise((resolve) => setTImeout(resolve, time)) ; wait(3000).then(() => console.log(‘Hello!’)) ; At what time does 3000 actually get plugged into the variable “time” ? Thanks submitted by /u/vmars316 [link] [comments]

Leaflet dropdown

I am learning how to build maps with the leaflet library. I have a small question about an example I saw: Example: https://codepen.io/A_Abdelwahed/pen/BaKJEGy?editors=0010 I would like to do the same, but use a dropdown menu: https://codepen.io/joaquim93/pen/BaQOgwy On my map I want the lines to be shown only after multiple selection of the properties of the… Read More »Leaflet dropdown