WordPress vs dnn

Hi all, I have recommended to a client that they use WordPress as their cms over dnn for a new website idea they have I did this simply because in my experience WP is a lot more seo friendly. What are your opinions? A lot of resources suggest dnn is more secure. Is that the… Read More »WordPress vs dnn

Push notifications

Hey there, Does anyone have experience setting up custom push notifications? A client of mine wants to get this set up but I am not familiar with sending an event through php. Any examples would be greatly appreciated! submitted by /u/chaoticLibs [link] [comments]

1GB eBook Delivery Methods

Does anyone have best practice suggestions for download delivery of an ebook that’s 1GB in size? The server is mid-level shared on Godaddy. They have EDD set up, but the initial marketing email will be going out to 100K+ so I am predicting a big influx of users /downloads. Am I correct that due to… Read More »1GB eBook Delivery Methods