So another question? Horizontal scrolling bar appearing upon animation

So I am making this website, here there’s a section with multiple element. So by using gsap I got them to come from right or left(“x:-10 or x:10”) now the problem here is whenever the process of animation start a horizontal scrolling bar appear, how to get rid of that submitted by /u/isthisneeded29 [link] [comments]

Grid, Flexbox, or Floats?

Suppose I have the following page design: ​ https://preview.redd.it/j6dgznotyhx61.png?width=2560&format=png&auto=webp&s=10a36322be49f70c9a141b38024de178ad4dec6d Basically they’re all vertical cards that are arranged next to eachother, with animations (Sliding from left to right) when a card opens. Which CSS technique is the best to achieve this layout? Are there any examples of layouts similar to this? I’m having a hard time… Read More »Grid, Flexbox, or Floats?


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