Trifector of hosting

Firstly this sub is brilliant, been reading it for the last few days, also posting from mobile so sorry for any errors. On to advice needed. Planning to start a small side hustle for which I want email hosting, domain and potentially a site, all of which I’ve been looking over for the last few… Read More »Trifector of hosting

What’s the modern equivalent of Geocities?

In the olden days, as a child, I had a free website on Geocities. It was super easy to use and to upload HTML files, images, etc. Do easy to use, free services like this still exist? submitted by /u/emerald_python [link] [comments]

i need help

we own a website and we would like to change our WordPress hosting, so can you please tell me which hosting server is the fastest for WordPress? submitted by /u/miladmj93 [link] [comments]

OpenLiteSpeed for eCommerce

My research leads me to believe there’s some sort of incompatiblity between OpenLiteSpeed and eCommerce sites (OpenCart / Mangeto / WooCommerce). I can’t find any TECHNICAL info other than, “if you want eCommerce you should have LiteSpeed (paid)”, if it’s just a static site or a WP blog, openlitespeed is fine.” Can anyone clarify the… Read More »OpenLiteSpeed for eCommerce