Here we describe each of the SubReddits that we syndicate on this site. I hope that more than anything this is seen as a recommendation, that if you LIKE FINDING A GOOD DISCUSSION ON A TOPIC, the FIRST place you should go look is at Before Reddit become the 3rd most popular website, there were competitors like DIGG, that were similar. I have a couple of articles where I talk about my favorite features of reddit. Those are are available on the Top Menu you by selecting the menu item called ‘About Reddit’.

Category On Our LinkDescription
/r/CodingHelp coding challenges & ask for help to fix your code. Anything you want!
/r/ForHire redditors are skilled professionals, some redditors need skilled professionals.
/r/LearnJavaScript subreddit is for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript or help others do so. Questions and posts about frontend development in general are welcome, as are all posts pertaining to JavaScript on the backend.
/r/ProWordPress place for Professional WordPress Developers and Designers to share advanced articles, resources, code snippets, workflow methods, etc.
/r/ReactJS community for learning and developing web applications using React by Facebook.
/r/Web_Design community dedicated to all things web design.
/r/WebDev community dedicated to all things web development: both front-end and back-end.
/r/WebHosting is a place to discuss everything related to web and cloud hosting. From shared hosting to bare metal servers, and everything in between. Post reviews of your current and past hosts, post questions to the community regarding your needs, or simply offer help to your fellow redditors.
/r/WordPress Reddit devoted to all things WordPress
/r/WordPressPlugins WordPress users looking for specific PLUGIN solutions… developers looking for feedback on a plugin… and general plugin banter and collaboration.
/r/WordPress_Themes place for WordPress themes, theme promotion, and theme discussions.
/r/JustStart community about affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and related topics. Learn what works, what doesn’t and what’s new through real experiences from both beginners and experts. We welcome and encourage posts from anyone, but please review our rules before posting.