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String matching using regex in Python

Hi All, I want to match 2 strings in Python and ignore any number difference in the 2 strings. I want to know how can it be done using Regex. Example: Str1: apple1_banana Str2: apple2_banana This should return True Thanks in Advance! submitted by /u/ArvaKagdi [link] [comments]

Mediarecorder breaking suddenly

I have been using some code based on this snippet for a month now, and it always worked fine. However, today, when I tried to use the code, it kept erroring: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_REQUEST_RANGE_NOT_SATISFIABLE This happens after I click start and stop on the demo. It should show an audio component that I… Read More »Mediarecorder breaking suddenly

Best JS & CSS Frameworks for fast & flexible development

It’s so easy to make your codebase overly complex using un-opinionated frameworks. There’s a fine balance to strike between keeping the freedom of flexibility to make important changes to your frontend and backend, whilst not building a too overly complex and convoluted codebase. I’m talking about JAMStack – what’s the best framework you’ve used to… Read More »Best JS & CSS Frameworks for fast & flexible development

Thoughts about Bootcamps

Hi, Lately I’ve been searching for Web Dev and UX/UI Bootcamps (I’m not from the US) and the most common are: IronHack, Le Wagon, etc. What’s your opinion about bootcamps? submitted by /u/Mank15 [link] [comments]