[FOR HIRE] Expert PHP/JavaScript Developer

Hey everyone, I am a senior full-stack developer with 9+ years of experience. I have helped clients to empower their innovative ideas by building optimal software solutions to meet their business needs. I help individuals, startups, and enterprise customers to fulfill their technical exigencies by developing web applications. My technical expertise includes: Front-End technologies: Angular,… Read More »[FOR HIRE] Expert PHP/JavaScript Developer

Henlo, I build another Pokédex app using Nextjs

I build pokédex 3 months ago with CRA, now I migrate it to nextjs and I added a game “guess who’s that pokemon?”, github auth and user database. I did not fully tested it yet, I’m still learning testing libraries, let me know if you find bugs. Thanks! submitted by /u/imjacksreddituser [link] [comments]

Javascript Crossword

I’m trying to find a way to make an HTML/Javascript crossword puzzle in which I can add clues and answers to a database and align the answers on the crossword grid. Can anyone help me ? submitted by /u/mariamtsi [link] [comments]

WP as an artist scouting database?

Dear WP community, We have a group of artists creating a database of different members across EMEA. We need a DB in which artists can profile themselves (videos, statistics, etc.) to recruiters (arts scouters, headhunters, etc.). Recruiters will pay monthly to login into the service, while artists are free to post unless they want premium… Read More »WP as an artist scouting database?