[FOR HIRE] Expert PHP/JavaScript Developer

Hey everyone, I am a senior full-stack developer with 9+ years of experience. I have helped clients to empower their innovative ideas by building optimal software solutions to meet their business needs. I help individuals, startups, and enterprise customers to fulfill their technical exigencies by developing web applications. My technical expertise includes: Front-End technologies: Angular,… Read More »[FOR HIRE] Expert PHP/JavaScript Developer

Back to Front and Jobs

I made a little server using the Raspberry Pi 4 tutorial and I’m setting up the WordPress for it. It’s full LAMP using MariaDB(SQL), the pi over wifi (it’s live right now), Apache, and made a WordPress site using the free templates. I did this for fun, but what does it take to make this… Read More »Back to Front and Jobs

[For Hire] Web design / PHP / Symfony / Vue.js – Full stack development

I build build custom web apps, eCommerce, SaaS, ERP/CRM and business automation. my solutions are used in Hospitality, Music, Security, Marketing, Distribution, Auto repair and many other spheres. I work exclusively on modern and proven technologies. Trust, professionalism and responsibility is what my clients say about me. ✔ Attention to details: clarifications before start, daily… Read More »[For Hire] Web design / PHP / Symfony / Vue.js – Full stack development

WordPress Hosting

I was wondering what the best practice is regarding WordPress hosting – I host about (10) client wordpress sites right now on Digital Ocean, and am looking for the best way to make this scalable in the future, as I slowly am adding more sites to my server. Should I: A) Host the site, and… Read More »WordPress Hosting

Help with a coding challenge

I need urgent help with Javascript. Somebody in my team made a calendar for a booking system and he wants me to make a function where if a date has been booked, it shows a colour red to another user telling them that day its booked. How would i be able to do this since… Read More »Help with a coding challenge