Help! Home Page CSS issue i cant solve!

I recently created my 1st WordPress theme but i cant fix the following issue. ​ At the bottom of page there is a large gray gap from the last piece of content to the footer. ​ Can someone please help me close this gap ​ submitted by /u/Valuable_Leg4622 [link] [comments]

My Astra social buttons link opens like this: ?

Using Astra Theme > Astra Widget plugin: social profile button’s. I added my social media links to each of buttons but the link opens like this: instead of I have three buttons and only the first one opens normally but the second and third just add the link behind my own… Read More »My Astra social buttons link opens like this: ?

Rate my newly added portfolio

Hi, Guys just completed this theme to add to my portfolio. what do you guys think? Would you like to use it for any of your future projects? Kindly rate the theme. Thank you. ​ submitted by /u/ttfac01 [link] [comments]