[TUTORIAL] How to add a video with STICKY effect using ELEMENTOR

πŸ“Œ https://youtu.be/q9ar6tY9bdo In this video, I will show you step by step and in a very simple way, How to add a video with STICKY effect using ELEMENTOR. If this video was useful to you, click on like and share;) submitted by /u/SupremaUX [link] [comments]

Back to Front and Jobs

I made a little server using the Raspberry Pi 4 tutorial and I’m setting up the WordPress for it. It’s full LAMP using MariaDB(SQL), the pi over wifi (it’s live right now), Apache, and made a WordPress site using the free templates. I did this for fun, but what does it take to make this… Read More »Back to Front and Jobs

Set-up Domain

I’m new to hosts and domains, context: I have a server in oracle running ubuntu, I am trying to create a wordpress site using docker-compose and a tutorial, for the tutorial I needed a domain so I bought, the problem is that I don’t know how to link it to my oracle vps. I already… Read More »Set-up Domain