Adding CNAME to WordPress Site?

At my agency, we are using a third-party software for specific landing pages. The URL’s created by the third-party software are a mess, and in order to clean it up, we need to add a CNAME record to the WP site and have it point to the Sharpspring Landing Page. For the life of me,… Read More »Adding CNAME to WordPress Site?

Dynamically update URL of embedded video based on a ACF front end submission of a URL

I’m trying to create a front-end page viewable only to “managers” level users that allows them to dynamically update certain content and have it display on the page. Specifically I want them to be able to change out the URL of different videos to display on that page. The videos are now hard-lined in the… Read More »Dynamically update URL of embedded video based on a ACF front end submission of a URL

Format raw data as currency

Is there a simple shortcode I can apply? My site pulls CSV data from an outside URL into TablePress – which works well – however for the life of me I cannot figure a way to format the data on the front or back end as currency. So on the page data shows up as… Read More »Format raw data as currency

URL shortening on sign up

I want the functionality for users to make an account on my website (say website.com) with email password and a unique username. Then I want to generate an automatic URL for every user such that every users unique URL is website.com/username. Can someone guide how might I achieve this in WordPress? submitted by /u/CelestialChiller [link]… Read More »URL shortening on sign up

Feedback Friday

Our weekly thread is the place to solicit feedback for your creations. Requests for critiques or feedback outside of this thread are against our community guidelines. Additionally, please be sure that you’re posting in good-faith. Attempting to circumvent self-promotion or commercial solicitation guidelines will result in a ban. Feedback Requestors Please use the following format:… Read More »Feedback Friday