[For Hire] Full Stack Developer | Websites, Web Applications/(SaaS) and E-commerce stores

Hey everyone, I’m a web designer and developer with over 4 years of experience developing various web applications. I’ve developed applications for the public as well as for internal use by businesses that helped streamline and automate their work. I’ve worked with numerous APIs such as the Open Banking API (the only API for European… Read More »[For Hire] Full Stack Developer | Websites, Web Applications/(SaaS) and E-commerce stores

Web-based Speed test?

Hi, I have web servers running that are public facing and want to measure the speed between these servers and the clients viewing them. I know in linux there is a tool called iperf but this tool requires a non web client. I was thinking of setting up something like this: https://www.speedtest.net/ (except it will… Read More »Web-based Speed test?

Portland-Based Web Developer [For Hire]

Web Developer for Hire I am I am a Portland-based developer focusing on making static and dynamic websites that range from elegant and professional, to colorful and filled with personality. I use HTML/CSS and JavaScript for static websites. For more features requiring a back-end, I use any combination of NodeJS, ReactJS, MariaDB, and Python, depending… Read More »Portland-Based Web Developer [For Hire]

Webhosting vs market pal

I’m a small business selling on etsy looking to get my calligraphy services findable via Google. I have bought a domain and finally made my decision on a hosting company. Just when I am about to buy it, I come across a site builder called ‘stand out’ and marketpal where you pay a one off… Read More »Webhosting vs market pal

Recommend Platforms for Creating a Leaderboard Website?

I want to create a leaderboards site similar to speedruns.com, i.e. arbitrary number of games with arbitrary number of categories, have user accounts and roles such as moderator, ability to have user submissions through web interface, add games/categories/etc and approve/deny submissions through web interface, etc. Obviously I’m planning to start at a small scale but… Read More »Recommend Platforms for Creating a Leaderboard Website?

UI components for a React project

I’m new at web development, learn some react by Anthony Sistilli‘s amazing tutorials. Now I need some UI components for my project since I’m only one working on all sides of it. Found that ModernUI is a popular solution but didn’t like menu components and some others, looks like they are heavily mobile oriented. Which… Read More »UI components for a React project