Tech rates

I am pretty familiar with WordPress and woocommerce but my busy schedule has forced me to find help. I found a local student that is really good at making the edits I need but is charging $60 per hour. I was told by a business partner this is too much. She tried to justify the… Read More »Tech rates

Help for woocommerce website

Hi I have a car seller site on WordPress i installed woocommerce. I need help. I need to display only highest variable price or to display a different price from the original car price in checkout as there’s a different price for reservation I need to change the text of sub total on checkout page… Read More »Help for woocommerce website

MyListing Theme Help

Hello guys, I am currently using mylisting theme for my website. On my sign in/register page (on mac) my login button appears. However on google chrome, windows, mobile the login button goes white and I cant see it. Do you know what this is and or how to fix it. I am using the shortcut… Read More »MyListing Theme Help

[Hiring] (Online) Need a person who is experienced with using the Woocommerce Zoho Plugin

I am looking for a person who has worked with this plugin and is familiar with it and is able to properly integrate Zoho and a WP WooCommerce website for Inventory/Books/CRM. I do not have an idea of the budget, but please get in touch, and we can discuss the price. Thanks submitted by /u/DxAxxxTyriel… Read More »[Hiring] (Online) Need a person who is experienced with using the Woocommerce Zoho Plugin

OpenLiteSpeed for eCommerce

My research leads me to believe there’s some sort of incompatiblity between OpenLiteSpeed and eCommerce sites (OpenCart / Mangeto / WooCommerce). I can’t find any TECHNICAL info other than, “if you want eCommerce you should have LiteSpeed (paid)”, if it’s just a static site or a WP blog, openlitespeed is fine.” Can anyone clarify the… Read More »OpenLiteSpeed for eCommerce